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    MURO was brought to life by our small family team consisting of two brothers, Tim and Jeremy Bond, towards the end of 2013.  The original idea came from an activity wall which Tim had built (putting his engineering degree to good use!) when his son Ben, was 6 months old.  Benjamin would spend hours entertaining himself at his space on the wall.  After seeing how much Ben enjoyed playing with the activity wall, we realised that every home should have one of these.

    Knowing that all kids are unique in what they find engaging, the speed that they develop and get bored of things we were really struggled to decide what accessories we should add onto the board.  That was when we had our ‘eureka’ moment – let’s get parents to build it for us!  And the customisable concept became the foundation on which we’ve developed MURO ever since.

    Starting in Tim’s garage we both set to work knocking up some ideas, which were swiftly put through their paces by our tester-in-chief Benjamin.  As a critic he certainly didn’t pull any punches.  Testing was tough, and many ideas ended discarded (or in pieces!).  However, one thing was for certain, he was having fun; and as he got older we could make new accessories to keep him entertained.

    Since then we’ve moved out of the garage and have enlisted the help of world-class product designers and educational psychologists to create an initial range of accessories designed to be both fun and help develop skills to reach key developmental milestones. 

    Most importantly, we’ve spent lots of time testing out ideas with both kids and parents at one of our partner nurseries.  Allowing feedback to direct development.

    We’re now at the point where we have, after much searching, found the supplier who can produce our vision at the quality we’re after.

    We hope you like it!