It all started when Jeremy, our founder, was inspired by a busy-board his brother had built his nephew. This busy-board was simply a piece of wood with different items from around the house attached to keep children busy. Surprised to see thousands of homemade busy-boards on Pinterest and no commercial equivalent the brothers set about creating one which became MURO.


The eureka moment came with the realisation that what made busy-boards so popular was that parents created them for their children. From this point on the challenge became to design an open platform that would enable parents to create beautiful and unique busy-boards for their children.

2015 & 2016

These were some long years and MURO progressed slowly with varying degrees of enthusiasm. At some points it looked as though MURO may not happen, but we persevered, we refined our designs and we found a manufacturer!


Successfully funded on Kickstarter.
Awarded a Creator Award from wework in recognition of our educational and development focus.
The first MURO's arrive just in time for Christmas.


Website launched and the beginning of trading.
Full marks in good toy guide’s testing with parents and teacher.
Win the Junior and Made for Mums awards, as well as receiving the editors choice award in both.


Awarded a red dot design award, the worlds most prestigious and recognisible product design award.