Babyhood and Beyond

We believe in products that are built to last and it was one of the driving forces behind creating MURO. In our eyes, products for children should not only be long-lasting, but where possible, should also adapt for the little ones they are designed for. Keen to make a toy that stands the test of time, instead of being enjoyed for a few months and then shoved in the loft, we’ve worked hard to create a product which has longevity, can be tailored personally for little ones and helps with vital developmental skills. All while looking and feeling A-Class too.

Incase you are new here, MURO is a toy for babies and beyond. It’s an educational, busy board, which encourages little ones to develop skills while they play. But unlike the majority of kids toys, it’s been designed to grow alongside them, with an innovative design that can be uniquely configured to suit their age and stage. Basically MURO is perfect for your child whatever their age and here’s why…

MURO for babies

MURO can be introduced to babies from an early age as it’s a perfect playful tool for helping them develop life-long motor skills. The MUROboard or MUROcube is a busy board, with the toys providing hands-on activities, allowing them to touch, explore and learn, while having their first taste of playing too. The Colour Spinner and String Pull are ideal toy choices for babies, designed specifically with bright, bold colours that will capture their imaginations and get them interacting. The Pull Up Bar is a great addition when they build strength, helping them get up to their knees and feet.

MURO for toddlers

It’s a busy life for a toddler as they begin to put major milestones under their belts. We are talking about walking and talking, plus all of those key fine and gross motor skills including that tricky pincer grip. Once they have taken to their feet, they’ll love being able to move around the MURO, interacting with each of the different toys as they go. The Traffic Light Blocks and Bead Maze are great for this age as they let them experience cause and effect while developing their coordination in a playful way. The Abacus is spot on for introducing counting in a visually interesting way for toddlers as well.

MURO for preschoolers

Preschoolers are pros at independent playing and it’s a reason why MURO is so great for this age. With numerous toys in one place, they’ll have endless fun getting to grips with each toy but as they get more confident, they’ll enjoy beginning to move the toys into new positions by themselves. For this age, some of the more complex toys let them explore their imagination and make use of their growing skillset. Get them to put the Gears onto their MURO, to see if they can get them to move correctly, they’ll love the sense of achievement when they get they get it right. The 4-in-1 Board is another great one for preschoolers. They can get building with their blocks or unleash their artistic side with the blackboard and whiteboard. Not enough? The whiteboard is also magnetic, making it ideal for using alongside their magnetic toys too.

MURO for school age kids

When we said we set out to make a toy that would last years, we really meant it. MURO is just at home with a school age kid as it is with a six month old. For schoolies, MURO lets them really get creative. Our Connector Sets let them take a toy or object they already have and modify it to fit their MURO. We’ve seen MUROmakers that have attached telephones and small boxes to store pieces onto theirs; we love that it’s an activity that parents and kids can enjoy doing together. They’ll start to use toys that they used as babies again as well, like hiding notes or pictures behind the Door and making use of the Xylophone to perfect newly acquired musical skills. 

So, if you have a baby who has just started to sit or an energetic pre-schooler, MURO is perfect for them. MURO is built to last for an entire childhood and then when it’s over, you can pop it in storage ready for the next generation.

Want to know what MURO bundle or toys to buy for your little one? Drop us an email, we’d be happy to help