installation guide

Getting your MURO setup up is really easy whether you have either the Cube or the Board.  

The instructions below should tell you everything you need to know but if you have any questions or troubles please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please click here for video guides


for the board

step 1

Decide where you want your MURO and use it as a template to mark where the Fixings should go.

step 2

Place appropriate anchors into wall, please note we do not provide these as they are specific for your wall type. If unsure, please consult a professional.

step 3

Drop the small screws provided through the spacers and secure to your wall (x4). You can now attach you MURO using the large screws.


for the cube

step 1

Start by assembling the sides, all the side pieces are the same. It helps to use the straight edge to orientate the pieces and make sure that the larger face of the screw holes is on the outside so the screws go flush. Then add the top.

step 2

Secure all the panels with the screws provided, the 4 long screws go into the top 4 holes and the shorter screws into the bottom 4.

Job done, enjoy!