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We want you to get more, more input into MURO®'s future, more value from your purchases and more opportunities to get involved!

At MURO® we strive to do things differently and we hope better than other companies. One thing that's very important is the relationship we have with our customers, after all, everything we do is ultimately for them.  

get involved

Openness is one of the founding principles of MURO®. Alongside transparency, that also means we're open to suggestion, which is why we open up our design process in our instagram stories and ask our audience for their input. If you want to have you say that's the place for democratic design!


free printables

It's really important to us that you get the most from your MURO®, so here are some extras from us that we think will help...




If you have any ideas for resources like this, please get in touch and we'll do our best to make them for you

ambassador opportunities

From time to time we have opportunities for people to get involved with various projects. This can range from testing to content creation but they're fun (we hope!) and gives you the chance to play a role in shaping MURO®.