the one and only
modular activity centre

The unique MURO® System allows you to create amazing play spaces for your children that grow as quickly as they do and encourage the development of key skills whilst they play. Each of our toys has our connectors on so you can plug them in anywhere on you MURO® to create the activity centre best suited to you child.

Toys can easily be added or removed so you can introduce new activities as children develop their skills, and keep your MURO® fresh so children are constantly entertained. And as our activity centres are built to last, you get a product that lasts for a childhood and more.

empowering play

Most people know that play is incredibly important for children, and what adults define as playing is a vital exploration and exercise for children.  

MURO® provides a dynamic play environment for children when they need it most. During the first 3 years the neurons in a babies brain makes 95% of all the connections they will every make.

Providing the right kind of stimulation ensures that the most valuable connections are nurtured.

Play is the work of the child, and toys are the tools they use.

- Maria Montessori

sustainably playful

All of the materials we use are carefully selected to safe, durable and sustainable. We make the majority of our toys from rubberwood which is a by-product of the latex industry.

And because MURO® is able to grow with children it is relevant and useful for much longer than most other traditional toys further decrease our impact on the planet.