Empowering Playscapes

Maria Montessori was the first to introduce the world to the idea that play is a developmental activity for children that should be encouraged in the classrooms and at home.  Play now underpins the Early-Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) in the UK and all aspects of children’s development.

It’s through play that children develop their language skills, their emotions, creativity, social and intellectual skills.  For most children playing is a spontaneous and natural action, occurring in any environment they find themselves in, and which they are self-motivated to do.

As adults one of the best things we can do is provide children with stimulating and varied play environments, or playscapes as we like to call them, for them to project their curiosity onto.  As they explore these playscapes they will be testing the boundaries of their understanding of the world and themselves, gradually developing the key skills that will allow them to interact with, and operate in the world.

MURO is a constantly evolving playscape that provides unlimited novelty to inspire curiosity in children.  It is this curiosity that is the fuel for meaningful play, and it is the starting point for learning, both in early-childhood and later in life, which is why developing an appetite for curiosity in early childhood is so important and helps to create life-long learners.