MURO Makers

The most amazing thing which came out of MURO’s Kickstarter campaign (please excuse the smarminess) were our backers.  I was taken aback by how much people bought into and supported the project, whether that be by accepting the changes to the project or more directly, by reaching out with words of support.  

Those of you who have been following our story will know that there have been some difficult times and a couple of points where it looked like, certainly from my position, it would never be produced. Being the emotional creature that I am that support had a massive role in getting us (me and MURO) through those stages, so thank you everyone!

Another great thing about our backers is they are full of ideas.  One of the best promotional ideas, the MURO bike, we’ve done so far came from one of our early supporters.  Unfortunately though, a lot of these ideas have ended up being sent to my inbox to die and never get nurtured to their full potential.

After going around and around in circles trying to solve this I’ve come back to where it all started, and the principle that MURO was founded on, that our users know best.  Rather than trying to guess what people would most like on their busy boards, we created a platform that allowed you to decide for yourself.  Now I want to embed that principle deeper in MURO by creating a platform for our user to share ideas about any aspect of both the product and business with us and with each other.

Enter the ‘MURO Makers’ Facebook Group.

This group will bring together the elite MURO fans and invite them to share their ideas and observations about MURO’s at the hands of children!  Ultimately MURO only exists because of you, and it’s right if it is going to carry on existing then it should do so for you.

I can't promise that every idea will become a reality, but they will all be considered and discussed and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.