Quiz: Busy-Board or Activity Cube??

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If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you already love our wooden activity centres, but you might not yet have decided which style you want to go for.  One of the questions we get most often from future customers interested in our activity centres is whether they should get the original busy-board or the activity cube style.

There’s never a right answer as both styles have their unique strengths, and it ultimately boils down to how your MURO is going to fit into your home.  To make this decision a bit easier we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each activity centre style, to consider when buying our wooden toys:

Busy Board

  • Can either be mounted to the wall or used as a free-standing busy board (it’s easy enough to switch between the two playing styles with our mounting system, although not something you’ll want to do everyday - unless you love DIY)
  • Wall-mounted it’s very neat and tidy, and a great space saver for smaller spaces.
  • Needs to be fixed to a wall to provide a stable balancing platform.
  • The original MURO design - for the purists!
  • Great for vertical play, something children really love.

Activity Cube

  • Free-standing and can be moved around.
  • Loads of play surfaces for you to set up areas with different toys.
  • Multiple children can play at the same time (without even realising they’re sharing!)
  • Toys can be stored inside if you turn it upside down, or its side.
  • Gives a great platform for children to balance before they can stand unsupported.

Whether you decide to go for the busy-board or activity cube you’ll still be getting a MURO, and a unique wooden toy that’s educational and entertaining for babies, toddlers and parents!