Sustainable by Design

When we set out to create the world’s best busy board we didn’t know it would take us into the world of sustainability, however when we saw the rate at which young children grew out of their toys, we knew that we had to create something that could grow as fast as they do.

The modularity of a MURO is what makes it a MURO, it’s also this defining feature that we think adds the most weight to our sustainability claims.  The way we see it, there are three ways to improve the sustainability of physical products; by reducing the environmental impact of the materials and processes used to manufacture and distribute them, building them to last forever or degrade back into the earth and by designing them so they are as useful as possible for as long as possible.

We put a lot of effort into making sure the materials we use are durable, kind to the planet and provide the design aesthetic we are after which is why we use rubberwood, a hardwood that’s a waste by-product of the latex industry (read more about rubberwood), wherever possible. It’s this material and our commitment to durable construction that means our products are rock solid and built to survive the thrills and spills of multiple childhoods.

We also use the minimum packaging possible to ensure your toys arrive in perfect condition.  We wrap everything in plain brown paper which may not not arrive with the fanfare of brightly printed packaging, but it’s perfect for recycling and doesn’t require any inks to produce.

But where we really set ourselves apart is in our modular design.  It’s this feature that takes us from being a single-use to a reusable toy, and gives MURO longevity that no other toy can compete with.  Simply moving the toys on our activity centres creates more of the novelty children engage with, and being able to add and remove them all together makes it easy for MURO to grow as children develop.

MURO was designed specifically to address the sustainability issue of early-year toys associated with short lifespans and toy redundancy. We are passionately committed to creating products that reflect our respect for the planet.