The New MURO Ambassadors Program

MURO has always been rooted in collaboration, whether that’s working with key influencers or an open dialogue with our customers about the development of the product and brand.  As we enter a new phase of development we would like to re-ignite that conversation with the MURO community.

Enter MURO Ambassadors.

Our dream has always been to create a synergistic approach to design that gives our customers a seat at the table in as many aspects of the design process as possible (see co-design blog for more about this), from idea generation all the way through to testing and any other step that makes sense to involve the MURO community.

With that in mind, we’re very happy to be launching our MURO Ambassadors Program. It will be a constantly evolving program, mediated though Instagram, where we will ask our ambassadors to work alongside us.  We believe that this is valuable to our design process and as a big thank you for your time, we'll reward those who get involved with discounts, free products and early access to prototypes.

The new program is broken down into three different categories so that all of our MURO gang; from those making their first purchases, through to those who have followed our story from the very beginning, as well as the super inspiring education and play experts, who use MURO in their settings.

beginner ambassadors

This is open to anyone new to MURO who is looking to get their first setup.  Beginners will get an awesome 50% off their first order (must include a MURO set) in return for sharing their experience with MURO over their first year.  Starting from unboxing, first setup and then at intervals throughout the year. 

intermediate ambassadors

For existing MURO customers who would like to get more involved and work with us to make the best toys in the future.  This part of the program will be the most varied with new challenges and activities regularly.  Stay tuned to our Instagram channel to find out how you can get involved and get your hands on free stuff!

expert ambassadors

Expert ambassadors is for qualified early-years practitioners or professionals working in play settings who would like to help us with this MURO project.  We’re not the experts, you are, and we have only got to where we are by collaborating with you to make sure we design the best products.  As we move into the next phase of development it’s important that we understand how best to help create products that introduce skills to children whilst they play.

We’re very excited to launch this program and hope that many of you will be inspired to get involved and be a part of the future of MURO.  Our hope is that all the feedback and insight we get through this will help us to create something really magic.  Much like a MURO, each activity by itself is unremarkable but put them together and the awards speak for themselves (un-humble brag!).

Thank you, we look forward to seeing where this goes!

UPDATE:  the Ambassadors Program is currently closed.