We love creativity and we want to help nurture that in your children. We think the best way to do that is by encouraging parents to lead by example.

So we're are giving away FREE MAKERS KITS to anyone who passes (/completes...) the makers exam. You will find the exam paper on the back cover of the notebook in your creative pack tote bag that came with you set, as well as the MURO pencil you'll need to sharpen.


(it's also a way of us vetting who we give kits away to, the way we see it, if you're prepared to play along with this you are more likely to put the maker kit to good use, which is all we really want!)

1. sharpen tool

There are many ways to sharpen a pencil; either with a sharpener or our preferred way is with a knife. For this exercise please sharpen your MURO pencil with a knife (TIP: knives are sharp, be aware).

2. warm up

It might have been a long time since you last tried to draw something on paper, or maybe not, either way it's always good to practise making marks.

Practise by drawing a few pages of straight lines, circles (faces?) and any other shape you like.


Scribble in the circles on your exam paper when you're done.

3. write name

Please make sure you have put your name on your exam paper. Papers submitted without names in bubble writing will be disqualified and you will receive 0.

5. share to play

To submit your completed exam for marking please take a photo and email it to us at makers@mymuro.com.  

To get all the marks it's important to show your working, please include pictures of yours!

4. more smiles

Draw something. Anything. With you children, or without.