Welcome to MURO Makers Rewards

This is our way of thanking you for making MURO what it is, and what we hope it will become. Each and every MURO purchased helps us to create better products and a better company, and we're truly grateful that you decided to be a part of that journey.

To start collecting MURO Marks (we were very happy with that piece of alliteration!) please click the green star in the bottom right-hand corner to setup an account. Once you have done this you'll be able to start making marks to spend in store.


As part of your Creative Park you will have received 2 fluorescent stickers which are worth the follow:

GREEN: 150 marks

YELLOW: 125 marks

PINK: 100 marks

ORANGE: 75 marks

RED: 50 marks


To redeem these point please follow these steps:

1. stick them to the back of the discount postcard (preferable in the circles!)

2. write your order number over the stickers to validate

3. email a photo to makers@mymuro.com with your order number in the subject