2 days of travel and near £1000, was it worth it?

I decided I should go to visit our factory in Thailand in the lead up to the completion of our initial production run.  Being a massive drain on resources (both temporal and financial) it was not an easy decision to come here, despite it's exotic location.  But now I'm hear I'm glad I came.

It turns out, that despite re-living the same conversation about how to package the main board to the point of insanity, me and the factory had our wires crossed and we have narrowly avoided a minor (but also major) calamity.

And whilst this has actually been the only thing that has been directly affected by my visit on the product side of things, I have also been double-checking the quality and arranging shipping of the stock back to the UK.

As we are trying to get backers MURO's out before Christmas, we have made the decision to air freight back the stock required to fulfil these.  This is an expensive way of doing things - so it's important that we minimise the stock shipped in this manner, being at the factory has allowed us to separate out what is required.

This trip has taken a lot, but has given us the knowledge to move forward with confidence. Firstly, the products have been manufactured are up to standard and secondly, we are shipping the right things to the right place.

If you ask me...that's value for money! And means I can sleep properly for the next few weeks!!