Christmas Miracle

A few weeks ago, with Christmas (aka target delivery date) looming in the distance, MURO's factory quietly cruised past the cut-off date to ship our stock to the Port of Bangkok to be loaded on a ship scheduled to sail on 7th November.  The voyage takes 27 days and with unloading and customs clearance times this was the last sailing we could be on and still be able to deliver for Christmas.

Dejected we sent around a mailout informing our backers and anyone else who follows MURO that we were not going to be able to deliver in time for Christmas.  Understandably a lot of people were disappointed - including us!

One of the great things about working in a co-working space is being around people doing similar things, and it was one of these people who suggested that we look into Air Cargo, which we had assumed was too expensive.

Whilst it is not cheap, and required some careful logistical planning, air cargo has proven to be our saving grace and enabled us to get enough stock back quickly to ship out our backer's MUROs before Christmas!

This experience has refocussed us, and reminded us that we're creating MURO's for children, parents and families.  Not being there for Christmas would have been  wrong and we are very grateful to have the resources (big thank you to WeWork Creator Awards) to be able to rush these MUROs back in time for the big day!!