Stock held at UK border.

This is the 15th day since MURO stock arrived at Folkestone, and since it is just after lunch on Saturday there’s at least another 42hrs until I’m likely to hear anything more.

I’d like to caveat the rest of this by saying that this is definitely not a complaint.  I have no idea what has to happen and the various different departments that need to cooperate in order to move things (especially new products) in and out of the country.

That said. It’s been 360 hrs since I had a refreshingly straightforward conversation with the UK Ports Authority regarding our stock of MUROs.  As this a new wooden toy product from the Far East it hits some red-flag criteria for closer scrutiny, and understandably so, after all keeping kids safe is one of many important roles these bodies are responsible for.  As a part of this process Trading Standards asked to see a the relevant documentation for a sample of three products which was duly sent across the same day for the brave volunteers (Beaded Rope, Rattle and String Pull).

I had allowed for the rule-of-thumb 5 days to clear, which would have most likely been the correct amount if this was not a 1) new 2) wooden toy 3) from Asia which has 4) arrived without packaging (we package in the UK which reduces waste and transportation costs - more info to come on this).  Unfortunately, and as is often the case, these are the things which only appear obvious once they have become a problem!

As a result, our international backers and those whose orders were sent partially fulfilled before Christmas are still waiting.  I’ve sent two gentle requests for further information with no response; the waiting game continues…