Summer Update

It’s been a busy June and July, building the business, working on some new partnerships and launching MUROmakers!

Our Shopify store is now 4 months old and in June we reached double digit sales for the first time!!! Behind the scenes processes are running smoothly, initially I hadn’t realised how important the fulfilment and delivery process was but ultimately when you buy something online, primarily, you want it to arrive on time. No admin included.  

It’s been hard work getting this process perfected.  After getting off to a bumpy start with an overcrowded new warehouse and Shopify integration issues, this 3rd iteration of the process is now flowing as it should be.

In June, I spent a week at our Thai factory.  Firstly to develop some more products for production later this year for both MURO and an exciting collaboration with a large education supplier (more coming once the paperwork is done).

The samples are great, the only thing I worried about is that they are currently very busy, and I’m a small fish to be fighting for my place in line.

My second reason for being there was to shadow another toy company I’d met at the London Toy Fair in February.  They manufacture at the same factory and had invited me to observe how they monitor production. 

I learnt a lot with them, and I'm going to help them with some online marketing things.  Collaboration at it's best!

I rounded off July with an interview on BBC Radio Nottinghamshire, setup by the Creator Awards PR team to plug this years awards (click here to apply). I was delighted that the local show’s host was called Alan and had a head full of things I wanted to say…alas I didn’t manage to get most of it out in the heat of the situation.  But if you’re interested in how the Creator Award process helped crystallise MUROs purpose you can read about it in my previous post, Making Play.

All things considered I’m very happy with the position I’m in at the moment.  The major challenge for the next few months are going to be driving sales, and managing the next production run.  I can’t wait!!!


p.s. BBC radio interview available here.  I'm on from 3.06...  :)