The long road from Kickstarter to business.

MURO has been quiet on social media for a while now, but much like a downy duckling, below the surface has been a clumsy but intense drive to create the business infrastructure we need.  Clumps of downy spreadsheets are now being replaced by systems that will allow us to automate and operate (and fly)!

Transitioning from a Kickstarter idea, to a business ready to grow is a big step.  MURO’s my baby, and the 9 months between its crowd-funded conception and delivery at the port of Folkestone did nothing to prepare me for looking after a newborn company.  It’s only now I’m able to look back at the last 3 months that I’m able to see that I was suffering from postpartum burnout, that took me as close to breaking point as I’ve ever been.

But leaving mental health discussions to one side for now, MURO is now ready!

In short, our remaining stock has been packaged into set in our new boxes, fulfillment has been outsourced to a company I’m satisfied have a good balance of computer driven efficiency and human being flexibility.  We have a new website up and running, with chat function and a customer service ticketing system so that we can deliver the customer experience I always envisioned we would.

AND (drum roll….) I have an intern! That’s right, MURO has its first employee and I can now legitimately say ‘we’ without implied undertones of schizophrenia! More about Morteza to follow, but having someone else in the business is a massive relief and I’m already looking for another to work on content creation and social media, if you can think of anyone let me know!  Getting my head out of the day-to-day should allow more talk to translate into action!

To our ‘EVERYTHING’ Kickstarter backers who were short changed by the reduced number of toys, we’re currently planning another production run which will be complete later in the year.  As part of this there will be approximately another 5 toys, which you’ll all receive more details to follow but I'm confident you'll think it's a good deal.

Finally, I’ve spoken about MUROmembers a couple of times but I wanted to wait until I had a clearer idea of what it was before going into any more detail.  I’m excited to say it’s pretty much there and I plan to share the idea next week (probably Wednesday). All I’ll say for now is it’s had a name change….it’s now going to be called either Making MURO or MURO Makers.

Until then, have a great weekend!